Best Shoes for Bartenders

Doing a right job demands the appropriate tools – including the footwear. The athletes have athletic shoes. Nurses have nursing shoes. Lazy people have slippers. So why should not the bartender deserve a good pair of shoes? As well as other careers, the bartenders have their needs of wearing the shoes that support their work absolutely. So what are the remarkable features that the best shoes for bartenders possess?

Best Shoes for Bartenders

At first sight, you might not recognize those shoes are specifically for bartenders. Indeed, their appearances look so much like the regular boots you see on the street. However, their uses are undeniable. Particularly, for people who are working as a bartender, those shoes will be the ideal choice. In this article, I would like to review five best shoes for bartenders in the marketplace.

How to Choose The Most Appropriate Shoes

  • Comfort is The Prerequisite Criterion

You can probably understand why comfort is always on top of choices. As a normal bartender, you have to stand for about 6 – 12 hours, even 12 hours per day. Particularly, men’s feet possibly get all risks of sweaty and stinky. Thus, you should focus on the shoe that supports the best breathability.

If you are easy to get sweaty on your feet, you will choose the shoes installed with the air holes. Also, you need to clean your shoe regularly to avoid getting risks of foot pain.

Because working at the bar requires all of us, the bartenders to stand during your shift, choosing the shoes with the soft sole is best for your feet. The soft sole will help you avoid tiring your legs.

  • Suitable for The Workplace

Selecting the shoe for bartenders relies heavily on the type of venue in which you are working for. For this reason, your choice in shoes is often affected, too. For instance: if you work in BBQ restaurant & bar or high-heeled lounge, you may have to move a lot. Being a barkeeper is not just standing in one place and making drinks.

In fact, some restaurants and bars also require the bartender to serve the drink. For this reason, all you need is a flexible shoe that helps you move smoothly. Besides, if the formal uniform is a requirement, you will need a more sophisticated shoe. Hence, the shoe you wear not only makes you comfortable but also fits the costume perfectly.

  • Care About The Water Resistance

This condition, of course, is crucial for the shoes of a bartender. During working time, you cannot avoid pouring water onto your shoe. Thus, the best shoes for bartenders must have a good system of water resistance.

If you would like to choose a leather shoe, I suggest you the shoes with seamless fronts. Those with transparent fronts will permit liquid to roll off the other sides rather than soak on top. However, you can make your shoes waterproof. This video below will teach you how.

Top 5 Best Shoes for Bartenders Reviews

1, Skechers for 76759 Stride Galley Soft Boot

The Skechers name is not strange in the marketplace nowadays. This familiar brand of shoes has produced a lot of shoe’s kinds. We can assume that the vast ranges of shoes are a great advantage of Skechers company.

Now we have on our hands the Skechers for work – very suitable for the bartenders. It features the leather upper which makes it elegant and long-lasting.

Thanks to the casual design and lace-up comfort, we can enjoy the maximum comfort on our feet. Also, this shoe is incredibly lightweight, though its appearance looks a little bit heavy. In spite of being lightweight, the shoe still guarantees its super durability due to the arch support.

What is more interesting? The Skechers Soft Stride Work Boot is also capable of handling rough kinds of work. In fact, the shoe combines with the extra comfort insoles of PU that are removable. Therefore, you can unbind the insole to clean when it is dirty. Besides, the outsole is made of 100% rubber which is slip resistant.

You will be no more worried about moving around the tables and counters swiftly. These excellent materials are also known to provide with a high scale of comfort, durability, and protection. Besides, the cushioning is great thanks to the innovating footbed.

Especially, in the case that you want to wear this shoe all day, it will be ideal by offering yours underfoot with lots of support. The Skechers is appropriate for the sophisticated workplaces because it was designed with luxurious accents. Those sporty accents will make it look attractive and trendy for the bartenders.

  • Fits correctly depending on the way you expect.
  • Helps to get rid of foot tiredness.
  • Also ideal for people who prefer to walk.
  • Extra slip-resistant, and no more worrying about the accidental slips.
  • It is Poor stitching.

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2, KEEN Utility Oxford Shoe

Another excellent shoes that truly fits in a group of best shoes for bartenders can be the KEEN Oxford shoe. This type of shoes from KEEN are made of super durable leather. Also, the modern version of this shoe is perfect for a professional workplace. The shoes look so fashionable due to the black leather low-cut uppers.

In fact, the qualified material is super long-lasting, and it is very easy to clean up. Besides, the KEEN shoe features the stain-resistance system that helps you making the drink, serving the tables without worrying about getting dirty.

Leather bends and flexes for flexible movement so that you will stay comfortable throughout your working shift. The clean design of the shoe makes it easier to find the right fit. You just need to tie these black shoes; there will be no free laces.

The KEEN shoe is equipped with the water resistance which prevents you from slipping accidentally. There is one more significant feature of the shoe; it is the oil resistance. Indeed, for people who work as a chef, this feature will help a lot.

Moreover, the footbed manufactured from the memory foam will give you a suggestion about the right position of the feet. Besides, the lightweight EVA midsole is compression-molded to make a ventilated midsole. These ease your steps and help distribute the stepping power.

The PTC shoes completely fit you even when you are working hard due to the flexible centered gores. In fact, to help you keep a good fit for each step you take, the side gores enlarge and move. The non-marking rubber goes over ASTM Mark II criteria for non-slip footwear. In general, the soles are slip-resistant probably keep you safer on icy paths and wet floors.

  • Lasts for a long time, thanks to the sturdy and durable leather.
  • Has the unique oil-resistant system, helps the shoes clean.
  • Has the water-resistant capability.
  • Offers comfort in all days.
  • Takes such a long time for you to wear because it is too firm.

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3, Merrell Jungle Pro Grip Shoe

This shoe is designed for women and also, men who want something more professional to wear during the shift. With the best material – waterproof leather – you will enjoy your working day without worrying about the wet feel in your toes. Also, the shoe brings the ultimate comfort so that you may doing your regular job with ease.

You can anticipate how long the shoe lasts thanks to the full-grain, high-quality leather. Also, it combines with a ventilating mesh lining. The great material of this mesh helps you get away from the moisture and offer you a high feel of breathability.

Besides, it takes full advantage of its’ M-Select current system. The new regime is an efficient assistant in avoiding unexpected stink, whether how challenging the job is. Also, the air cushion is created to cut down the friction so well.

One of the striking characteristics in this Merrel Jungle Moc Grip shoe is its SureGrip outsole. This part supports a durable traction which can offer the exact grip whenever you wish. Besides, it has the removable EVA midsole. With the combination of the sticky sole made of rubber, the shoe offers you the proper grip and traction when walking on a wet floor.

You will have no concerns about the shoe’s safety. The rubber sole ensures the highest security for your feet. In fact, the sole has specialized furrow that channels the water and other liquids away. For this reason, you feel not only perfectly comfortable but also safe.

  • Perfect for the bartenders who work long shifts.
  • Excellent traction, avoid slipping when walking or running on wet floors or icy paths.
  • Keeps your feet dry, comfortable and secure all day. This shoe can assist you to keep your feet dry, safe, comfortable, and warm.
  • Feels a little tight on its top of the upper.

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4, Klogs USA NAPLES Mule

With the lovely and trendy appearance, the bartenders, especially the female bartenders will love the Klogs shoe. Not only about the blending colors but also the shoe’s superior comfort and durability will make you satisfied.

It is properly what comfortable should feel like. With its full heel, side gores and padded collar; the shoe will be a good assistant during your long hard shift. Also, the shoe ensures that it will be cushioning and supportive to your feet in any conditions.

With the microfiber footbed, the shoe probably brings an excellent arch support to you. Besides, the cushion is well-made as it comforts and reduces your foot fatigue and heel pain. In fact, the footbed is customizable because it is latex-free, antimicrobial and very lightweight.

You will think you are wearing nothing on your feet because the shoe is so soft and light. The slip resistant outsoles are highly rated by the ASTM F489 standards. They powerfully, in fact, prove to offer you superior traction in wet and oily surfaces.

The Klogs Naples shoe is also non-marking and shock penetrable, making it an ideal choice for bar and restaurant environment. The long-lasting insole also means a great flexibility as well as full energy. With the built-in arch support, deep heel cup, toe grip will offer you the more confident walk. You are no longer in fear of being stuck in embarrassing moments because you slip accidentally.

The shoe combines with a perfect balance of platform and heel. The Klogs USA NAPLES shoe has their heels of about 2 and 2.5’’, platforms of 1’’ height. For this reason, it will let you enjoy the best disposition for assisting the front and back foot. Besides, the balance gives your back and legs ultimate comfort.

  • Keeps quiet while you are walking.
  • Has a strong and durable leather material.
  • The balanced platform and heel give you a firm grip as well as keep your walk smoothly.
  • With the bright color shoe, it is easy to get dirty.

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5, MOZO Sharkz Slip Resistant Work Shoe

These slip-on working shoes have been made for people who work in the kitchens. Indeed, they are very light, soft and comfortable. For this reason, the combination also matches with the bartenders’ needs. With the simple design, the Mozo Sharkz shoe is perfect for the friendly working environments.

The uni-frame technology makes the shoe have the ultra-lightness feature. Also, it is entirely comfortable thanks to the unique MozoFit customizable fit system. Besides, the shoe has a synthetic upper that makes it well waterproof. Hence, it is very easy to clean and quite long-lasting.

Furthermore, the shoes are famous for its ventilation. So, the breathability is increasing at a high level, helping the bartenders feel so relaxed and convenient. The shoe also has the gel insoles for additional cushioning and slip-resistant outsoles.

Everything you know about Mozo, now it comes with SFC MightyGrip. Plus, the high-class slip-resistant outsole made by Shoes for Crews is a unique feature. Thanks to these innovating technologies, you can prevent yourself from nasty slips on kitchen rubbish or oil spills.

Due to the superior rubber complex and micro-channel tread blueprints, the shoe can control the food bits, liquid hazards. It helps you stand more stably and confidently than ever.

  • Provides utmost comfort. The shoe is rugged, so it is capable of taking on more challenging tasks.
  • Casual design, very suitable for the bartenders who work at unsophisticated bars and restaurants.
  • Very lightweight. You have no need to worry about the pressure it puts on your feet.
  • Rather wide.

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In short, the best shoes for bartenders require a lot of factors. But in general, they have to be water resistant, comfortable and durable. I hope you will find the most appropriate one for yourself after reading this article. Good luck to you!

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