Best Shoes for Bunions

You must have been very irritated when knowing you have the bunion. Indeed, this is a toe’s disease resulting mainly in the female population. Thus, the best shoes for bunions have made their ways in the world to help people who suffer from bunion to feel the maximum comfort.

Best Shoes for Bunions

There are various reasons why people suffer from bunion when they wear the shoes, like the way they put on too improper fitting footwear. Fortunately, the modern technology has developed rapidly, so does the shoe industry. Nowadays, there are plenty of shoes made to serve your demanding needs, particularly for those who suffer from the bunion. In this article, you can probably choose for yourself the best shoes for bunions, if you are suffering from it.

How to Choose Best Shoes for Bunions

  • Care About The Shoe’s Width

This is evident that you need to find a shoe with wider style because it’s a priority. The producers sell shoes in different widths. However, the gaps at your feet’s size can be a little larger. Thus, choosing one that has greater width is good for your feet.

  • Canvas & Mesh Types

Shoes which are made from canvas or mesh material usually have more “stretch” than other forms. For this reason, it will help your shoe stretch wider to the bunions areas, making your feet feel a lot more comfortable.

  • Choose a Larger Size

In fact, increasing one size larger than regular can make a big difference to the fit around bunion.

You can try a shoe that provides with a higher space inside the toe. It will allow the natural motions of your toes.

  • Avoid The Pointed Shoes

People who suffer from bunion know that pointed shoes are not ideal for their feet. Although we see it very stylish and trendy, it will harm your feet. Moreover, wearing pointed shoes also makes your bunions worse than ever as it hurts your feet so bad.

Top 5 Best Shoes for Bunions Reviews

1, Saucony ProGrid Integrity ST2 Walking Shoe

It is not contingent that this shoe shows up first in the list. Saucony ST2 are designed for those who often take part in sports, but it is still ideal for walking. The shoe has a lot of remarkable strengths that a very few shoe can compare.

For women who have high arches or utilize the orthotics, the Saucony ProGrid Integrity ST2 can be an excellent choice. This is a good cushioning shoe and does like most cushioning shoes; it has the thick midsole. This midsole is for arch support as well as durability enhancement. You no longer worry about one day the shoe will break down accidentally when you have to spend many hours on the feet.

One of the original features of the ST2 is the Walk-Trac comfort outsole. In fact, the outsole was made of premium rubber, a framework cushioning item to help guarantee the perfect fit. Also, there is the real improvement of shock absorption contains a Heel ProGrid with the Respond-Tek components.

The insole gives a real satisfaction for women who dislike the solid insole. It can be customizable with their orthotics as well. Besides, the upper of the shoe is leather instead of a mesh. For this reason, you can receive a proper ventilation in the summer, as well as the high waterproof function in the winter.

Especially, when you have to walk a hundred miles every day, you’ll not worry about hurting your feet due to the cushioning for arch support.

  • The heel is so comfortable.
  • Very ideal for walkers though it was created for runners.
  • Very classy.
  • The sole may not do well on a smooth floor or a wet sidewalk.

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2, Asics GEL-Tech Walker Neo 4 Walking Shoe

It is a huge mistake if we forget about the Asics Gel-Tech Walker Neo 4 in top five best shoes for bunions. Indeed, Asics has put a lot of care and consideration into the shoes with the ultimate comfort and durability.

The Asics has applied many modern technologies to their shoes. One of which is an upper feature with Biomorphic technology assists to cut down buckling and possible annoyance. To reduce the weight of the sole significantly, there is the Trusstic System utilized.

For people who are making use of orthotics, the fine mesh lining with flexible sock liner is simple to accommodate. Also, the DumoMax System features a double density midsole in the right place to support the stability. If you worry about the moisture management, there has the Solyte midsole material which is lighter than Asics’ standard EVA midsole.

One more important feature is the Guidance System that helps to enhance the foot’s natural motions. You will walk softly as the cushioning fits your feet well and gives you a very relaxing feel. There is a low-density layer in the midsole that permits users to enjoy the advantages of midsole compression joyfully.

Also, the Rearfoot and forefoot GEL cushioning system absorbs the bad shocks during the effect of toe-off phases, as well as supporting the natural movement in multiple backgrounds through the gait cycle. Last but not least, the AHAR (also known as the ASICS High Abrasion Rubber) includes the heel plug positioned in the significant parts of the outsole for reliable durability.

  • The high-grade materials offer your feet an ultimate durability and comfort.
  • The lightweight design permits for ease of use.
  • Ideal for people who walks a lot every day.
  • Lack of various colors to select.

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3, InStride Newport Comfort Therapeutic Extra Depth Walking Shoe leather Velcro

InStride Newport Comfort provides you with the eternal comfort and surely fits your feet perfectly. Although you need to walk or to take part in leisure activities, the InStride always supports the necessary relief for you. This shoe not only offers you the great comfort but also specifically dedicate to people who suffer from foot problems such as hammertoes, corns, and bunions.

Designed in the cooperation with Pedorthists, Podiatrists and other medical inventors and shoe specialists, InStride shoe offers both defensive purpose and soft relief from regular shoes thanks to their excellent possibility to bring you a more accurate and convenient fit.

InStride Shoes are made of full-grain leather, coming with Lycra and Nubuc design which is available with a strap or lace closures. Also, one of the predominant features of it is the CFS – Custom Fit System which was made with a large chain of customizable insoles. For this reason, it possibly offers the additional depth. The removable insoles permit you to run on even the most sensitive feet with great comfort.

With the slip-resistant outsole, the InStride Shoes merge with non-irritating linings. This makes sure that the shoes will bring you the best quality with an entirely attractive appearance.

Whether you ask for a bunion doctor or you are a serious fitness walker, who is using the orthotics equipment, the added volume of the shoe will take you in whenever you put your feet. Also, the midsole with the active CMEVA system, the InStride Newport always provide you with a stable platform for endless miles of walking.

  • The shoe comes with two inserts each so that you can adapt them naturally.
  • For people who injure their thumb and they cannot tie the shoelaces without lots of difficulties, the Velcro closure of the shoe will be a good companion.
  • The shoe is well accommodated and fits down on your feet, deep enough for the brace.
  • The arch does not support as well as its real function.

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4, RYKA Dash 2 Walking Shoe

Try on your workout in the Ryka Dash walking shoe. This lightweight and promoting shoe will help you spend the rest of your day enjoying every corner of the street in great comfort and uncomplicated style.

Especially if you have trouble with your foot size, the RYKA shoe will hit if off. For people who have several curves, and narrow in the heel, the shoe is manufactured to have a narrower heel and a wider toe box, and for the bunions as well.

One more good reason to considerate the Ryka shoes, particularly if you are a woman. In fact, women’s foot height is shorter than that of men. Hence, this shoe cuts a lower height to help you fit your ankle bone, and prevents from getting rubbed which cause uncomfortable feels and pains.

The solid rubber outsole brings you complete flexibility and traction whether you are running, walking or just wandering on a treadmill, on the pavement or the running errands. That said, with this shoe, your feet always feel steady on every step you move.

One good thing about the Ryka Dash walking shoe is the insole which has added the Super soft and excellent pods inside. The pods, in fact, are produced with a very light and also soft material that adds a little bound to your jump. It also has a mesh netting at the top which offers an excellent breathability. Besides, the individual pods attract all the shock while you walk or run. For this reason, the shoe provides you with a lot of cushioning feel.

The Ryka walking shoe is not only perfect for your bunion problems, but also a stylish shoe. With a lot of colors, blends come with a new design; the shoe is suitable to match your everyday’s outfit. The color scheme ranges from gray, black, white, pink, cherry, etc.

  • There is an arch support underneath. It can provide you with a lot of useful support, both in the medical and lateral arch sides.
  • Not only for people who have narrow feet and big toe, but the shoe also fit wells with those who have flat feet.
  • Various colors for you to choose.
  • The soles are padded, but many purchasers think they should use a bit more padding.

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5, Dr. Comfort Carter Extra Depth Shoe Lycra Velcro

Dr. Comfort Carter stylish shoe is a washable shoe with the double-depth diabetic shoe. With the lightweight stretch Lycra combined with a two-way Velcro closure to enhance the incredible flexibility, this shoe is specifically for people who suffers from foot abnormalities such as bunions or hammertoes. However, it still holds its shape after long hours of washing.

One of the excellent features that people choose the Dr. Comfort shoe is that it has the finest quality of top grain leather upper. This upper, in fact, can form the feet for additional comfort and offer breathability. Also, the Lycra and mesh netting materials are the selective materials that help you prevent from wearing out after a long time using.

Besides, leather lining in most of Dr. Comfort shoes assists to keep your feet always clean and dry even during hot weather. Smooth leather linings still help you avoid many bad injuries and hurts caused by rubbing against sewings. Besides, the preventive toe box in the shoe provides you extra protection from toe bashing.

One more great feature of the Dr. Comfort walking shoe is the very firm heel counter. It can, in fact, offer you extra medial and lateral support and full stability. Also, the padded heel collar which is padding around the shoe’s collar help avoids annoyance. Thus, the padded heel permits to ease of going on and off the road without any barrier. The full tongue functions as a friction reduction system and also improves the fit of your feet. Along with those features are the non-skid, lightweight outsole that makes the shoe last very long.

Although I order this shoe at the bottom of the list of five best shoes for bunions, it does not mean this shoe does a worse job than other shoes.

  • The shoes are not only wide enough but also deep enough.
  • Very easy to get on and off, comfortable on tender feet.
  • Not suitable for the wet or freezing weather.

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Selecting for yourself the best shoes for bunions is not a hard choice, isn’t it? I hope you will find your most suitable one in this article. Good luck to you!

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