Best Shoes for Pregnancy

Your body, your mind and even your inner soul do change a lot during pregnancy. And swollen feet are among the most obvious changes. Because pregnancy is also a period of due caution and striking the proper balance between style and safety, you need to give careful thought to your pregnancy shoes.

You are seeking for the best shoes for pregnancy, aren’t you? Scouring the internet for some cushioned and sexy footwear for pregnant women, those that not just make you gorgeous but also keep your baby out of harm’s way? If yes, then check out our post below as it’ll come in handy.

Best Shoes for Pregnancy

During pregnancy, you may have to give up the style in return for comfort. Yet, that’s unnecessary because many great options are there for you to choose from. When you are choosing your perfect footwear, bear in mind these key features so that you won’t suffer from any added pain.

What You Need?

  • Supportive: Check the Sole

When it comes to comfort, one of the most important parts is the shoe’s sole. Try to find the sole that give extra comfort both along the heel and ball of the foot. Also, if your arch is quite high, look for a sole having extra foam support for the arch. There are even several shoes made of memory foam. This is similar to a surrounding cushion that can fit your feet perfectly.

  • Easy to Put on

As a pregnant woman, how can your sore back and sizeable belly let you see your whole feet, let alone bend down for hours? Sadly, that seems like a mission impossible. Look for an easy-to-put-on shoe so that you can minimize your time spent on bending over.

  • Growing Room

During your pregnant period, your feet will become one size bigger, at the very least. Calm down, that is absolutely normal. Try to spare some room for your giant feet by buying a larger size. Be sure to plan and prepare for this, especially when buying shoes in your early pregnancy. If possible, look for shoes that are a bit more flexible and stretchable when your feet grow; I’m sure they are a great choice.


To avoid your feet sweating, you can wear not only sandals (the most breathable because of their design) but also closed shoes having a mesh on the upper. You should choose footwear made of canvas or leather – these materials are ideal options for breathability.

Top 5 Best Shoes for Pregnancy Reviews

1, Skechers Performance Women’s Go Walk 3 Slip-On Walking Shoe

The Skechers Performance Women’s Go Walk 3 Slip-On Walking Shoes come with the idea that pregnant women can walk in a way that is more comfortable and less painful. Thus, these shoes are created without using zippers nor lacing system. A small and simple pull tab is included instead, allowing you to take off your shoes easily and quickly.

These best pregnancy support shoes feature very soft padding. That is to say, it will take good care of your swollen feet to prevent further injuries.

The ortholite cushioned footbed is also among the great features. It offers superior comfort and an antimicrobial sockliner that can prevent your feet from smelling. Coupled with this great element is another wonderful feature: Resalyte foamed midsoles, both of which work together to give your feet the maximum level of comfort.

Besides, this shoe is also well-cushioned with high rebound. The cushioning is indeed a real spring inside your shoe. It allows you to know exactly the characteristics of the terrain you are walking or standing on.

This shoe is really fantastic because it has a slip-on design for simplicity and a fabric mesh on the upper part for maximal breathability. Also, the sole is made of rubber to give you a firm grip.

One more thing that you will love it is that this shoe comes with a wide range of feminine colors for you to choose from.

  • Breathable and lightweight with good traction and cushioning
  • The slip-on design makes it easy to wear the shoe
  • It comes with numerous feminine colors.
  • The breathable mesh means the shoe is fresh and cool the whole day.
  • The synthetic/fabric and rubber sole increase the shoe’s durability.
  • They don’t fit for wet environments.
  • Most people will find the back of the shoe a little uncomfortable before they get the hang of them.
  • The added padding makes the foot sit a bit higher, which is sometimes very uncomfortable.

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2, Lucky Women’s Emmie Ballet Flat

This Lucky Emmie Ballet Flat is what I recommend you if you’re shopping for the best pregnancy shoe which is stylish and comfortable at workplace. This shoe offers fantastic features such as a rubber outsole, a leather upper section and leather lining.

There is also a 0.25-inch heel in the outsole. This is ideal for pregnant women or those that have to stand for long hours. The flexibility of Emmie Ballet Flat is very desirable. It gives wearers, especially those in favor of a comfortable but tight fit, sufficient space. The rubber outsole has very good traction and helps you walk confidently.

One more feature ideal for pregnant women is the round toe design. It prevents the shoe to pinch your toes and lets them rest in a sufficient space. The back of this shoe is sewn criss-cross tie, giving it a wonderful look. The topline is elastic enough for you to adjust your shoe to fit the foot.

Also, when it comes to color and pattern of this shoe, the sky’s the limit! You have a window of opportunities to choose the best that matches your outfit.

Lucky Emmie comes with a slip-on design that is irresistibly cute. This feature perfectly matches the shoes with pants, either long or mid-length, as well as short skirts. So, don’t hesitate anymore, make an order now or wait till forever!

  • Genuine leather footwear for great durability.
  • The rubber outsole is an excellent plus because it offers great traction and support.
  • Ingenious and classic ballet flat design.
  • Slip-on design that makes wearing comfortable and easy.
  • It is available in numerous colors & affordable.
  • The shoe is glued instead of stitched, so the outsole won’t be intact for long.
  • High-quality but quite thin leather.
  • Though a comfortable shoe, the fit is not perfect like most ladies would want.

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3, Skechers Performance Women’s Go Walk Slip-On Walking Shoe

This Skechers walking shoe is sure to be your best companion, particularly when you are a regular walker to unwind or to exercise. Skechers Go Walk will offer you enhanced comfort and performance.

You don’t have to experience the discomfort of bending down because this shoe’s slip-on design is hassle-free to put on or take off. A Resatyle cushioning also improves the shoe’s durability and comfort.

Moreover, Schechers 7788 is integrated with Goimpulse sensors. They help wearers receive feedback with higher responsiveness. That means you can get to know the surface of the area you are walking on in an appropriate and instant way.

This shoe is almost weightless and comes with an amazingly sturdy canvas. Its construction strikes the right balance between solidity and easiness for you to slip the shoe on.

One more thing that will surely attract you is that you can move with maximum freedom. No restrictions at all on your movements when you wear this. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

  • Lightweight but the construction is sturdy and solid.
  • Fairly comfortable, has enough cushion for feet support.
  • Ideal for walking as well as running.
  • Unattractive stitching on top.

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4, Sanuk Women’s Yoga Sling 2 Flip Flop 6216

Being comfortable and looking modish, the Sanuk Young Sling 2 Flip-Flops is an ideal option for hot summer days. Its open design along with its flat sole is perfect shoes for pregnant women with swollen feet.

Thanks to fabric straps, blisters are no longer a big problem for you. Also, the shoe is wide and can stretch insofar as to fit ladies having wide feet.

The front section, as known as the “thong”, is made of a fabric material. That is, the area between the toes is very gentle.

The shoe’s foot bed is a yoga mat, giving your feet desirable comfort. The EVA outsole provides added traction for the shoe. Moreover, Sanuk is affordable and comes with numerous colors.

These Sanuk flips flops are bright and modern, sturdy and agreeable. With the selective configuration, the shoe will never slide around or be commenced with any developments all of a sudden.

  • It comes with dozens of colors. Fabric straps are comfortable and breathable.
  • The yoga mat footbed makes the feet feel very comfortable.
  • The cute and stylish design looks good on the feet.
  • Fabric straps are wide and stretch enough to fit women having wide feet comfortably.
  • Fabric front part makes the shoe gentle between your toes.
  • The fabric outsole and flat design do not support your feet well.
  • It is not quite durable. They are not suitable to wear for long periods.

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5, Dansko Women’s Professional Pro Cabrio Leather Clog

If you’re working in a business with a casual setting, you know, you are sometimes not allowed to run around in sneakers. However unfair it may seem, lots of businesses impose strict dress codes on pregnant women. Don’t worry, a wide variety of shoes appropriate for workplace are out there for you to choose (if you know where, of course).

Dansko is a popular and favorable shoe brand among pregnant ladies. Its sole is inserted with foam while the outside is made of durable leather, making Dansko a stylish pair of clogs. What makes this footwear special is the revolutionary support for arch. A foam cushioning is integrated right on the foot arch.

The area between the toes is spacious enough for easy flexes and comfortable movements. The anti-microbial leather is used in the sock lining – this helps prevent bacteria from accumulating inside the shoes, thus getting full rid of bad odor.

This shoe is a perfect option for you when your job requires long-hour standing. With a contoured midsole, the shoe helps support your feet and keep them secure. This fashionable Dansko can fit almost every professional due to its masterful craft and tasteful design.

  • Exceptional Arch Support for comfort and support all day long.
  • Padded Instep Collar offers comfort when walking.
  • Breathable PU Foam Footbed gives temperature control.
  • Rocker Bottom reduces pain and absorbs shock like athletic footwear.
  • Shock-absorbing outsole.
  • It is not ideal for flat feet but for high arches because of good arch support.
  • It is quite tight but if you don’t know what your size is, get fitted in a professional shoe store that sells this product. Then return to order online for a discount.

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Pregnancy is one of the gifts a woman can receive. Yet, because this stage often brings about discomfort and even pains, it is worth investing in a sturdy pair of shoes. Wearing the best pregnancy shoes means that you will surely undergo this wonderful life stage full of the joys of spring!

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