Best Socks for Sweaty Feet

Among body’s parts, feet and hands are considered as easy-to-produce-sweat ones. With some people who are unfortunately suffered from plantar hyperhidrosis, the condition is even worse because their hands and feet can produce a pint of sweat every day.

Best Socks for Sweaty Feet

Luckily, we have a solution for this problem. That is wearing socks designed to keep your feet dry and fresh. There’s a variety of such kind of socks on the market recently. This means we have many options, but for some people, they might feel overwhelmed because they don’t know which products are the best socks for sweaty feet. This guide was created to solve this concern.

What’re the Best Materials for Sweaty Feet?

Merino Wool Socks

Merino wool socks are made of wool, but not 100% wool due to an extra fabric liner added. This combination helps to reduce the itchiness caused by low-quality wool. It also increases the drying rate. The following are some reasons explaining why Merino wool socks are the best socks for sweaty feet:

  • Hold moisture excellently: Wool can absorb 1/3 of its weight in moisture and twice than cotton, which ensures your feet stay relatively dry.
  • Insulate very well: Wool is a great insulator. It helps your feet warm as it’s cold and keep your feet cool as it’s warm.
  • Dry quickly: Compared to cotton, wool evaporates sweat much better, and thus, dries much quicker.
  • Prevent bacteria: Wool naturally has anti-bacterial properties. It’s also odor-resistant due to excellent breathing ability.

However, Merino wool socks have several drawbacks. They are:

  • Hand washing only: Most Merino wool socks are not recommended to be washed by machine.
  • Short longevity: Wool is not considered as a durable material used to make socks. Wearing it for a long time or stretching it at high intensity is not a good idea.

CoolMax Socks

CoolMax is a kind of compression socks, named based on a famous brand. It’s featured a quality liner made of CoolMax technology and often a combination of various materials, such as Nylon, Durofil, Lycra or Spandex. It’s considered as the best socks for sweaty feet thanks to many great benefits:

  • It pulls sweat away from your feet very well.
  • It provides better breathability than any natural fiber.
  • It helps your feet cool under hot weather.
  • It improves circulation and diminishes lactic acid accumulation, which helps muscles falling to failure slower and recover faster.

In addition to good points, there are some bad points while wearing a CoolMax sock:

  • It’s designed to tight-fitting, which can restrict your feet and make it feel uncomfortable.
  • It’s not for people with sensitive skin since it can increase itchiness.

Bamboo Fiber Socks

This kind of socks is eco-friendly, and it’s also suitable for people with sensitive skin or those suffered from allergies. It’s good for these reasons:

  • Bamboo has thermal-regulating properties, keeping your feet warm in winter and cool in summer.
  • Bamboo is antibacterial and antifungal.
  • Bamboo socks absorb moisture 4x better than cotton socks.
  • Bamboo socks diminish the foot odor.

However, bamboo fiber has two minor disadvantage. They are:

  • The process of making bamboo fiber requires the attendance of harsh chemicals, including carbon disulfide and sodium hydroxide. They’re not good for the human’s body!
  • Although bamboo is a perennial grass, its fiber is not as durable as cotton.

Top 5 Best Socks for Sweaty Feet Reviews

1, Small Medium 4pairs Premium Socks People


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  • Unisex (for both men and women)
  • Reinforced heel & toe.
  • Dry rapidly in the wake of washing, just need to hang them up.
  • Great value with lifetime hole guarantee.
  • Made in USA.
  • Powerless to cover scarabs and moths in mild atmospheres and rustic situations.
  • Need extra care & attention for delicate materials.
  • Not really sufficiently warm for the tiresome severe icy of outside winter work.

Made from the highest quality Australian Merino wool with no Nylon blend, this sock is guaranteed to be airy, itchy-free, and antimicrobial. Great combination of 71% wool and 29% nylon – the ideal proportion for additional toughness to withstanding the clothes washer’s torments.

All the great things of Merino: delicate, fairly cool in hot climate thanks to good dampness wicking, warm and dry in frosty weather. It offers you the high-end wool at a surprisingly amazing price. Such a great deal! Overall, People Socks Unisex 71% Merino Wool socks are awesome for general use with delicateness of top-notch Australian wool and great durability thanks to the blend of nylon.

2, Thirty48 Running Unisex CoolMax Fabric


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  • Great running socks for both men and women.
  • Low cut style is great for every type of different sports shoes.
  • Dynamic, colorful design with wide range of colors (7 color options), ensuring that you can easily find the perfect pair of socks for your favorite Sports outfits.
  • Multiple cushions provide extra support for metatarsal and heel, providing abrasion protection. Prevent pain from running, and prevent heel injury from shoe friction. Heel tab additionally prevent slipping.
  • A bit pricey.
  • Not warm enough in frosty icy weather.

You will be awed with the solace, quality and general fit of the Thirty48 Running Socks. These socks are somewhat thicker in the foot zone which bears the punishment from the foot’s ball and heel. More slender material is applied to the curve for optimum breathability and overall solace.

CoolMax fabric is specially designed for moving moisture away, keeping the feet dry and cool. Moreover, the Patent-Pending CatalystAF help creates dynamic airflow within fabric, supporting maximum breathability of the skin.

There are numerous ways you can make your activities pleasant. Putting on only running shoes cannot make your feet solace. Thirty48 Coolmax Running Socks is sufficiently thick for you to gone through the most noticeably awful territory without having any effect on your legs.

3, Wigwam Merino Comfort Length Charcoal


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  • Thick, “padded” on the inside due to concentrated weave.
  • Snug fit, no slippage after a long time wearing.
  • Fully padded, seamless closure.
  • Elasticized curve.
  • Made in USA.
  • Unstable quality of different colors: some colors have holes on heel area inside after a couple of weeks of wearing or they do get more slender in the mend range.
  • A bit pricey.

Made of authentic fine Merino wool with non-abrasiveness and solace sewed into the hiker, Wigwam Comfort Hiker Crew is very comfortable, warm in the winter and nice protection during summer time. The Ideal material combination proportion includes 67% Merino, 21% Elastic Nylon, 7% rubber, and 5% Acrylic.

The cushy solid construction with elasticized arch and excellent ventilation system contribute to making this product become one of the best socks for sweaty feet and for those love outdoor activities. Overall, Wigwam Comfort Hiker Crew socks are recommended choices for the outdoor enthusiasts. These socks feature merino wool combining with Silk and Coolmax for optimum dry feet. Highlights incorporate an elasticized curve board, ultra-smooth toe closure, its group length is corresponding to size and it is fully padded for maximum comfort.

4, Dickies Mens Dri Tech Comfort Socks


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  • Arch compression keeps socks set up for more prominent control. It’s intended to give you simply the perfect measure of support without feeling prohibitive or tight.
  • Cushion sole creates a soft and smooth layer between your feet and the bottom of the socks. Also, it includes an integrated stain resister which aids to extent the longevity of the socks, ensuring it work well through the years.
  • The heel and toe ranges are really woven to support and fit the toes and heels — and reinforce for better durable wear.
  • Not really last for years after years. However, this is acceptable with such cheap price.
  • A little longer than expected.

This product is a set of many innovative technologies. Dampness Control Fibers keep the feet dry throughout the day. Truth be told, the harder your work is, the harder the fibers work for wicking away sweat. Which implies your toes, feet and socks will last longer, smell better and feel better. Whether it’s in hot summer or frosty weather, your feet are always comfortably dry.

Additionally, Ventilated Breathing Channel circulates the air inside the shoes, supporting better dampness control. It removes the dampness that has been underhanded from the feet evaporate it. In addition, on a hot day, nothing is better than fresh air within your work shoes. In short, Dickies Dritech work socks are ideal choice for workwear. These socks embody the American workers’ spirit, standing for toughness, quality and pride.

5, Saucony Mens Performance Socks


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  • Padded sole gives protection without excessive amount of space inside the running shoes.
  • Arch support and excellent ventilation system can wick the large amount of moisture to ensure the maximal comfort.
  • The midfoot fits perfectly and is very secure. They unquestionably won’t deliver any rankles, ensuring your heels and lower legs sufficiently tight to feel cozy with no loss of dissemination.
  • Almost dark color. Just black with some color lining.
  • Not really last long, however, with such low price and such good functionality, this is totally acceptable.

This one is such a perfect combination of quality and comfort. It’s ideal for both daily usage and tough training sessions. RunDry Moisture Management provides great moisture transport with ultra-wicking material. Whether you’re in the gym or on the road, your feet always stay fresh.

Besides, Airmesh Venting creates the greatest wind stream to keep the feet dry and cool in every running condition. Moreover, Arch Compression with perfect amount of pressure helps to keep the arch steady and secure. Such arch support system likewise helps prevent slippage and bunching. You will not feel slippery inside the shoes, so no need to tighten up the laces.

In overall, Saucony Performance No-Show Sock is the great choice for running apparel and footwear, making runners enjoying the optimum running experiences.

Which Socks to Avoid if You Have Sweaty Feet

– Cotton Socks

Never wear socks made of the high proportion of cotton if your feet easily sweat and get damp. That’s because:

  • Cotton can absorb moisture, but it cannot hold much moisture.
  • Cotton allows feet to breathe, but it cannot pull moisture away.
  • Cotton easily gets wet and stays wet very long, which creates the environment triggering the growth of bacteria and fungi.
  • Cotton retains heat, which means it cannot help your feet cool in summer or any hot weather condition.

– Plastic or Nylon Socks

Socks made of the high proportion of plastic or nylon don’t absorb moisture well and don’t allow moisture to evaporate. These synthetic materials are, of course, not good for sweaty feet. The only exception is polyester. It’s a preferred choice for athletes since it can resist of blisters and wick the moisture away from your feet.


One sock can be used for both men and women, so the rule of choosing is not about which gender you are, but what your demands are and how your feet are. If you’re a runner, then obviously, you will sweat more than normal people who only need socks to go outdoors. As a result, your socks must absorb moisture better and keep your feet dry longer. A pair of wool socks or CoolMax socks is my suggestion in this case. Hope this article could help you spot your best socks for sweaty feet! Thank you for reading! Bye!

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