Mens Clarks Portland 2 Easy Reviews

Clarks has been successfully manufacturing and selling shoes since its first pair of slippers was designed in 1825. Brothers James and Cyrus Clark began their company in a small town in England and almost 200 years later it is a global enterprise. State-of-the-art machines and innovative patents allow their ingenious designers to create shoes for men, women and children that fit well and are long lasting. The company’s goal from day one has been to create shoes that look good, without compromising comfort. Clarks Portland 2 men’s shoe is no exception. This classic slip-on leather shoe is not only superior quality but is superior in fit as well.

Mens Clarks Portland 2 Easy Reviews

Top Rated Features

There are several features that make the Portland 2 a top rated slip-on shoe. A versatile style makes this shoe wearable for everyday. Baseball stitching along the curve of the foot adds a creative texture against the smooth leather. The shoe is offered is both a soft brown color and in a dressier black. Black works well as a stylish shoe for an evening out. The brown leather will compliment any outfit, but also adds an extra elegance to a more casual look.

Comfort is always a factor in rating any shoe. The shoe may look good, but if you end up with blisters or soar feet you will not wear it for very long. Clarks has put many hours of thought into creating an exceptionally comfortable shoe. First, the inner synthetic and mesh lining allows for superior breathability, so even on long walks you do not have to worry about painful feet swelling due to overheating. Likewise, high-quality cushioning protects your feet and provides outstanding support. The flexible rubber sole is designed with enough thickness for prolonged wear and traction control to prevent slipping during wet outings. As well, the Portland 2 comes in wide widths with extended sizes, so even those with extra large feet can benefit from this handsome walking shoe.

What Makes the Portland 2 a Comfortable Fit?

The reason the Portland 2 can provide a high level of comfort is due, in part, to the Ortholite® advanced technology inner padding. The polyurethane formula, which makes up the open-cell foam design, creates a long lasting cushion within the shoe. This means that even over an extended amount of time, the fit inside the shoe will not change. You will continue to have the same comfort and support since the first day of wear. It is also this special technology that keeps the shoe moisture-free. Ortholite® is between 95% and 100% breathable. This not only allows the feet to stay dry, but it prevents bacteria and fungus build-up that would otherwise cause an unpleasant odor.

Likewise, the rubber sole measures between 0.5 inches to 1.5 inches from platform to heel creating a thick, stable shoe at all times. The rubber is sturdy but also flexible, making it more able to conform to the foot. However, some might assume that thickness equals a heavy shoe. The Portland 2 is surprisingly lightweight and airy.

Who Should Buy The Portland 2?

Men with very wide feet would certainly benefit from the Portland 2. With many different widths and lengths to choose from, there should be no problem finding the perfect fit. Those who have a daily routine that keeps them on their feet and who require stylish footwear, rather than a gym shoe, will find this shoe a nice addition to their wardrobe along with the comfortable fit.


  • Clarks is a well established company. Having made shoes for over 200 years, they are trusted in their industry and have proven to provide well made footwear.
  • The classic style will compliment outfits from casual to dressy.
  • The inner padding is breathable, allowing for a more comfortable walking experience.
  • The lightweight design of the sole is supportive and will not weigh down the foot like other thick soled shoes often do.
  • These shoes are available in extended sizes and widths to accommodate even the largest feet.


  • The Portland 2 tends to run on the small side. If you regularly wear thick socks you may want to choose a half size larger when ordering. Otherwise, you run the risk of a tight fit.

Buyer Feedback

The general consensus from buyers of Clarks Portland 2 slip-on shoe is that this is a stylish, dependable shoe. Most agreed that if they ordered the shoe a half size larger, it was a perfect fit and easy to slip-on. The Portland 2 held up nicely for all day wear and both the brown and black colors looked stylish with most attire, including business casual. Several men also commented that this is a great travel shoe, especially for waiting in long airport lines and having the inconvenient task of removing their shoes for airport security. With a slip-on there is no fumbling with laces before and after.

Ours also felt the price was definitely affordable for the quality of the product they were getting. Many have had past experience with Clarks and regard their products as well made and reliable. They would not hesitate to order from Clarks again. They that had an objection to the Portland 2 were mainly centered on the shoe fitting too tight or the style made them look older than they liked.


Overall, the Portland 2 slip-on is a high-quality shoe for standing all day. Ours that purchased this shoe were interested in the convenience of a slip-on and pleasantly surprised with the superior comfort it also afforded. Clarks classic design and innovative technology have come together to create a shoe that offers durability, breathability and long-lasting comfort. The stylish leather shoe can be worm with both daytime and nighttime attire and will compliment most outfits. This is a shoe recommended for anyone who walks a great deal throughout their day or who has a wide foot and requires a shoe that offers larger sizes.

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