Womens Clarks Hadyn Maize Flat Reviews

Women’s Hadyn Maize Flats by Clarks are versatile and comfortable casual flats that are appropriate for everyday wear. They are an easy-going pair of shoes that partner as easily with a casual pair of jeans or sleek capris for play as they do with a dress or skirt for work. As a brand, Clark’s shoes enjoy a very good reputation among shoe buyers who consistently tout their quality, reliability, and comfort. These flats seem to meet the expectations of most buyers based on customer feedback from a number of online retailers.

Womens Clarks Hadyn Maize Flat Reviews


The upper portion of the Haydn Maize Flat is constructed of durable leather. The sole and outsole are formed from a synthetic rubber which is skid-resistant and non-slip. The two pieces are joined together with contrasting stitching and lined with soft fabric. All of this surrounds your foot as it rests on a cushioned, yet supportive, OrthoLite foot bed.

The heels of the shoes measure approximately three-quarters of an inch while the rest of the platform is about one-quarter of an inch thick. The shoes are held on your feet by a non-adjustable Mary Jane strap which is permanently affixed with elastic making them easy to get on and off. The strap allows for a flexible yet secure fit across the top of the foot without digging into or irritating your skin.

Who Should Wear These

These shoes are an ideal option for women who spend a lot of time walking around or standing in place. Whether you spend the bulk of your time engaging in work or leisure activities, the Haydn Maize Flat can support your feet for an extended period of time.

Teachers can comfortably stand at the blackboard for several hours without sacrificing comfort. Nurses can cheerfully move from patient to patient during a shift without thinking about their feet. Caterers can work a busy event well into the evening without needing to sit down and remove their shoes while on a break.

Travelers, however, may be the most impressed by this shoe’s design as they are comfortable enough to walk from one end of an airport concourse all the way to the rental car garage with luggage and even a child or two in tow. In addition, they are so easy to slip on and off, you will be the envy of every other person in line at airport security. You will be at your gate and ready to board the plane before many of your traveling companions even get their shoes tied.

  • Pros

In addition to their versatility and ease of wear, the Haydn Maize Flats have a number of other positive qualities. With a low, comfortable feel and delicate sole, they are stable without being clunky like some Mary Jane style shoes can be. If you aren’t actually travelling in them, they are compact enough to fit in your suitcase and may be the only shoes you need for your travels. They can serve as your go-to shoe whether your trip involves lots of walking, lots of working, or lots of both. The shoes are also reasonably priced for leather shoes of comparable quality. You could buy a pair in every color for the same price that you might spend on a single pair of dress flats.

  • Cons

There aren’t many downsides to the Haydn Maize Flat, though there does appear to be some question about comfort for people with very wide feet or very long feet. There was some disagreement about how roomy they were, especially in the toe bed and across the top of the foot. They appear to run about a half-size big for people with average-width feet. This is important to remember if you order them online. People with extremely narrow heels may find it advantageous to add a heel cushion to prevent rubbing and/or blisters.

The biggest negative is that their style and comfort make them extremely popular. This may mean that your favorite store can’t keep them in stock long enough for you to purchase a pair in every color.

Buyer Feedback

Customer reviews are overwhelmingly positive for the Haydn Maize Flat. Buyers frequently mention the comfortable supportive foot bed and emphasize their better-than-average arch support. Many people report having been impressed by their comfort when worn to busy events or during a long day of travel. There were a number of reviewers who commented that they didn’t feel as though they needed to break them in at all. They just put them on their feet and started wearing them. Many claim that the shoes quickly became their favorite pair.

Most reviewers felt that the shoes were reasonably priced. Buyers felt that while they may be toward the upper end of the price range as compared to similar styles across all brands, they are among the more reasonably priced shoes of this type in the Clark’s collection. And there was near-unanimous agreement that, in general, you couldn’t do better than Clark’s in the quality department.

Although there were a few reviewers who felt that the shoes were too narrow or otherwise too small, the consensus among buyers was that they were either just the right fit or perhaps wider than expected. Among the buyers who felt they were too tight, it tended to be in the toe box or across the top of their feet where the shoe met the knuckle of their big toe. For those who felt they were too loose, it was consistently about slippage at the heel.

Several reviewers were enthusiastic about them being comfortable and stylish for work. The vast majority of people were very pleased with their purchase and endorsed them for a variety of purposes. Womens Clarks Hadyn Maize is 1 in the best shoes for standing all day 2017.

Overall, the Women’s Haydn Maize flats by Clark’s are a versatile, reliable, comfortable, and stylish choice for women at every stage of life and for many daily activities. Clark’s has a reputation in the shoe industry for innovation, quality, and comfort. This shoe certainly appears to reinforce that image and build upon it.

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